The One When Tara Fucked Up




So everyone knows those nights from college that they will look back and remember and say “DAMN, that was fun”.  October 26,2012 was one of those nights.  The usuals and a few more were over at the Halfway House (what we call Nina and Tara’s house) and we had a great time.  

Nina and I ditched and went to Monty’s, which is a weird bar by Xavier that like nobody goes to…. but anyway we went with Neighbor Dave and Katie and a band was playing.  So we get home (after a few too many shock-tops) and we see Tara, Logan, Leah and maybe JoDi dancing on the table…. So OF COURSE we join in and take shots from the Strawberry BURNASTY bottle…. *VOM*. 


Anyway, we dance for a while then JoDi comes in and notices the floor is all bloody…..hmmmmm TARA LITERALLY LEFT PUDDLES OF BLOOD ON THE FLOOR and she had to go to the ER but shes fine and they glued her foot. We’re all alive. WOOO






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