The One When I got into a Fight with Nina

So last night was really fun.  We got home from work and I went Ninas and Jods was there too so of course it was fun.  Then, we went to Cancun and split a whole PITCHER or margaritas…just us two.  So, we were completely hammered…

Anyway we get back and go to Brett Deceys house because he is having a party (I saw literally all of Brian’s roommates).  Then we go back to Nina’s and I was supposed to sleep over.  But, Carly (this stupid biddy who is very miscellaneous to me) came over crying (probably about her ex boyfriend from like a year ago…..) and Nina was like “oh Carly is sleeping over now….” K! So what am I supposed to do ? I dont want to share a bed with Carly, all the other doors are locked, and it would still be awkward for me to sleep in a bed with JoDi..   So whatever I end up sleeping at Brian’s even though he’s on break and yeah my night was shitty the end.




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