The One Where I can’t Even Describe What Happened this Weekend.

So, the halfway house was pretty full this weekend.  Of course I was staying there because I always do, and all the usual residents (Mason, Tara, Nina, Logan, JoDi and Nikki) so that is seven of us already.  Then, Nina had KEVIN COME VISIT (her boyfriend who I LOVE he is so perfect for her)…..




And Nikki had her boyfriend Travis over, they’re gettting married too…… And JoDi had her sister and her sisters friend come. and it was just crazy.  On Saturday night people came over for our No-No (sweater) party.  It was so much fun and loud all night until about two when people started leaving.  


Then there were only about eight people left in the whole house, like it was empty…. and THE COPS CAME….. Nina, JoDi and Logan all had to go to jail and all got cited for a disorderly house.  It really sucks so while they were gone kevin and i cleaned parts of the house.   






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