The One About Breakfast and Rummy




Breakfast.  The most important meal of the day.  It was great to wake up and share blueberry pancakes, eggs (even though I don’t like them) and coffee with great friends.  Logan, Tara, Nina and I all had breakfast together this weekend.  It was great, we were all hungover and just tired (even though it was a 3 day weekend. MLK heck ya).  After breakfast we sat around and played rummy.  I was never really a person who enjoyed playing cards, but maybe its just the atmosphere.  I feel like we are on Desperate Housewives, how they play poker at the end of each episode.  I literally keep thinking my friends can’t get any better, but this year has definitely solidified my friendship with a few of the girls.

Nina and I have always kind of been good friends (except in the beginning of freshman year when I had a roommate with the same name as me……).  Tara and I sort of lost touch last year, but now the glitter twins/sparkle sisters are back and better than ever.  And then there is Logan, when I met her I literally thought she was so annoying, and last year I maybe said two words to her.  But this year, we became really close and I love it.

Also, I’m way too emotional lately.  Yesterday I was reading a blog post about this girls best friend getting married and listening to  James Taylor’s Carolina In My Mind…..  tears started flowing.




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