The one where I was really frustrated

I am angry right now. Maybe not angry, but upset. So long story short I am taking two praxis exams on Saturday morning… And they’re gonna be rough… Of course I ask Nina and Tara to hang out with me Saturday night. They told me no because they were going to Katie’s bday party…. I just feel like I’m a good friend to them. Like we baked Nina a cake because she was upset… And now they’re just gonna ditch me……

And of course I can’t bring it up a lot because Nina will just bitch at me for not liking katie like usual. That’s not even the point… The point is that I am there for when one of them has a bad day, and I’m not saying they’re never there for me because they are… Just in this one instance when I’m going to be having a really bad day they’re just not caring …..


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