Home, show choir and hair cuts




This weekend I went home because I had a job interview at the lovely camp I work for.  I am applying for a programming type of job.  I think the interview went great!!! We talked for two hours and today he emailed me asking to send in some lesson plans.

The OTHER GREAT PART about this weekend is that I got to see my little sister perform in her show choir competition and her group “Royal Harmony” got fifth place!!!! It was so funny seeing her all dolled up in her makeup.





Look at that face! I am so lucky to be related to her! Sista Sista.  Haha but seriously it was so funny seeing her all dolled up like that because she was never the girly girl type until recently.  She played soccer freshman and sophomore year and next year she is probably going to play tennis (athlete).  I was always the dancer with my makeup done right and my hair looking fresh….. Speaking of hair looking fresh, I got a haircut this weekend while I was home!!!




It was a kind of spur of the moment decision to get a haircut.  But, my hair was nasty at the ends because I let my cousin, LG, bleach and color the ends of my hair.  Well, now it is fresh and feelin fine.


Also, while I was gone Brian punched Ryan in the face…. REALLY? Grow up boyz.


Last but not least a picture of my beautiful, tan and skinny mother.  She had just gotten home from her cruise with my Dad…. LUCKY PEOPLE. oh well……….. at least I don’t have to work tomorrow morning!



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