Free Day- OTR Style

So today most of the group went to church at ten thirty… Which means they had to take the bus at nine thirty. I got up around eight thirty and cleaned the retreat center. I didn’t go to church because one of the site leaders had to stay back with the people who didn’t go. John, Chi and I ended up leaving at like eleven and walking to over the Rhine to go to a coffee place …

20130224-230557.jpg I want to go there this summer and sit outside.

After that we walked to Findlay market and got lunch… I got pulled pork… I didn’t like it


Then we walked from Findlay Market to Newport… It was a long walk but it was nice to get some exercise. We saw a magician, walked across the purple people bridge (twice, and I didn’t die… I hate heights) and got ice cream at cold stone! Oh we also spent some time in The book store.





Then we walked back from Newport to our place on bank street. It was another long interesting walk.. And we came home and had tacos!!!!! And then we did reflections. It went well and I can’t wait to go into the schools tomorrow.






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