Maybe Next Year….

I just turned 21… I thought this was supposed to be one of the most exciting and memorable birthdays of my life.  I literally could’ve had more fun at home this weekend.  I wish I would have gone home.  Nobody went to any bars, (i lied a little…we went to mount adams on sunday—The Blind Lemon is the shit *) everybody just was lame.

It is so frustrating because all of my roommates left and they said they would be here to celebrate….

Brian got me a really nice necklace though, and Nina got me a fish…named BIRTHDAY FISH BEE (yes thats its name all year round)

Whatever, its so stupid and first world problems that I’m upset about this….



I was still upset about my birthday when Brian called me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch.. I said “duh” and he took me to Arthur’s (best bbq chicken salad evaaa).  Then, I convinced him to go to the casino with me.. and he listened.  We went for about an hour, I saw birthday boy Zack,and I lost fifty bucks. Then after hitting the tanning salon Mason called me and asked if I wanted to go to the casino.  So we went (I went again).  Then, I saw Zack again and met his step-dad.  I played a few table games like roulette and blackjack and then the slots…. lost another 70 bucks.  So I guess it was a pretty successful birthday after all.


Now, I’m sitting here in Nina’s bed (hoping for a snow day) and wearing her bathrobe.  Sometimes I think people might think Nina and I are lesbians on this blog… Literally whenever I post about her I talk about sleeping at her house or something to do with Nina.  Just and FYI we are not lesbians, we are an old married couple (aka BF4E)





*thanks Andrew for that tip!


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this blog is powered by a 21 year old college student --this posts are brought to you by alcohol, good times, and good friends. [IMG][/IMG]
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