Newly Single

So, if you actually know me, you will know that my relationship with my now ex-boyfriend has always been rocky from the beginning.  When I told my little sister we broke up all she said was “I’m sorry that sucks, but at least you always told me you would never marry him anyway”. That is totally the truth though, he was fun in college, but now we just never saw eye to eye on anything, it was always a struggle getting him to want to hang out with me.  


It’s sad, but i’m not as sad as I thought I would be.  This weekend I didn’t have time to be sad…. We had a bunch of people in town for Tara’s birthday and EVERYONE IS FINALLY 21. 


But, I knew this break up was coming for a long ass time.  It needed to happen, I was getting bored. Plus, he wants to end up in Miami when he graduates (that’s where he is from).  1. Miami Sucks. 2. I don’t love hot weather. 3. I do LOVE CLEVELAND. 


I also think I was way to materialistic when I started dating him…. I thought he was so cool because he had a BMW and I was just dumb.  Also, he never hung out with any of my friends…. so I can find new boys or I can enjoy the single life.


Life is changing, that’s for sure.  I’ve really only known college while I was dating B.  We dated from January of freshman year all the way until April of Junior year…. That’s a really long time. But in the end, we weren’t meant to be.  But, I haven’t lost hope…. I’ll find someone one day.




“I’d rather be alone than be with someone who doesn’t make me feel wanted.”



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