The Perfect Pick-Up Line

So this guy at Next Chapter yesterday night came up to me and said “Hey, where’s your boyfriend at?”.  That is the perfect pick up line because hopefully if the guy knows you have a boyfriend he will leave you alone (and he did!). 


I gave him a lecture on why this was the perfect pick-up line and he probably thought I was crazy. 




Last night, was the final part of Lexi’s 22nd birthday extravaganza.  I need to start writing the things that happen every single day of senior year, so I can look back on them when I’m back home.





On Wednesday, we went to the boys house and drank.  Also, we met new freshman baseball boys (which is creepy because one of them isn’t eighteen yet).  Then we went to R.P. McMurphy’s for Mug Club (never been there before but I loved it!)


During the day on Thursday, the plans were to go to Arnie’s.  I didn’t want to go because I hate Arnie’s and so Mason called me and we went to BDubz and got drunk and had horrible service.


Friday morning, Madison texted me asking if we should order the stripper for Lexi.  I called the stripper company and our girl Holly was going to show up at midnight.  We tried to keep it a surprise for Lexi, but we couldn’t keep it in.  Also, Kate showed up!!!! Another birthday surprise.  The stripper came and then she went out with us to Next Chapter…..


…she got kicked out.  Big Shocker !


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