On Getting Through the Last Few Months of College

This is it, the week before Thanksgiving break of my LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! #glittercannon

I can’t believe how fast these four years have gone by.  Nina, Tara and I always sit around and talk about different memories from freshman year.  One time I made out with this guy with gold teeth at a really ghetto bar and I saw him the next day at IHOP.  


Here’s a real gem from sophomore year, when I lived in Manor House.  Nina and I had a Saturday morning class at 8:00 am (welcome to hell) and we got a really bad ice storm in Cincinnati.  Literally every surface was covered in ice and we decided we needed a Subway Pizza.  So we walk up this huge hill to Gallagher and ended up falling several times, flat on our asses.  The good news was that class was cancelled that day anyway.  (this may or may not have been the same night where we tried to mix hot chocolate/coffee with vanilla flavored vodka…. BAD MISTAKE!)


Oh my god we were dumb sophomores….. We also went camping with a friend Jamal and all of his friends from Saudi Arabia and NONE of them spoke english.  They wouldn’t let Nina and I cook the food. It was an all around strange situation.  But, we got to watch the stars and do best friend things so I’ll always remember that trip with semi-good vibes.

Junior year is when things got crazy and the gang inhabited the “Halfway House”.  That house held some crazy good memories, and had a couple cases of disorderly house ( a couple arrests–oops).  We would have fun drunk dancing playlists made by none other than Nina Bean.   I moved into the Commons with roommates I didn’t even know!  We had kickass neighbor Dave, and KT (duh!). Nina and JoDi had their rooms upstairs so that was the bomb.com, we got to hang out all the time.  I think I slept at this house more than I did the commons.  We can’t forget about the night where Tara stepped in glass and there was a bloody massacre all over the floor.  OMG how could I forget the one time we went to Megan’s party in our pajamas and got hammered, and then enjoyed a feast where Tara puked up all of Mason’s last can of ravioli.  




Now it’s senior year, and we have to see what else is in store.  It’s been an amazing few months so far!


So this is how I get through my final weeks as a college student.  Blogging about my college experiences and misssing the shit out of them. 



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