On Being in Love

I got super annoyed this morning when I was in the car and the song “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz came on.  First of all, that is one of my least favorite songs of all time.  Second, I really dislike Jason Mraz he’s just never really impressed me his songs are so sappy I could die.  Finally, isn’t the person you fall in love with supposed to be or become your best friend, love of your life?  I mean, I guess I’m just assuming that.  But literally, if I had to spend the rest of my life with someone I would definitely want to be that person’s best friend (just so I could apologize to them for having to deal with me for 50+ years).  


I may not be able to explain what love is, or how we got here ’cause it was the worst experience of my life, a roller coaster ride this summer, I literally hated myself.  But, I am happy and I get to talk to my “best friend” AKA my boyfriend every day!  I get to see him and spend time with him and his family.  He takes time to ask about the little things like how my day went and it’s just amazing right now.  

I’ve never felt more loved. 

About amansbee

this blog is powered by a 21 year old college student --this posts are brought to you by alcohol, good times, and good friends. [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/120ihk4.jpg[/IMG]
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