Weekend Recap

This blog was started for the sole purpose of remembering things that happened to me in college.  I guess I wanted to be able to look back at the memories when I’m older one day and remember all of the fun times I had.  I NEED to start consistently writing about my weekends.  

Yesterday was pretty basic.  I didn’t have to work and Tara and I wanted to “drown ourselves in wine”.  We went to Kroghetto and got some wine (pink of course), and ingredients to make homemade spaghetti and meatballs.  OMG it was the best thing ever.  Mason came over and joined us, and later Dave and KT stopped by for a few drinks.



I had a super fun time and was home and in bed by 11, I cannot complain at all.  


One of my favorite tweets from last night was “oh oj #thebloodofchrist #cocaineandchampagne”  I love getting drunk and doing stupid things with Tara, it’s literally the best #SOULSISTA #GLITTERTWIN







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this blog is powered by a 21 year old college student --this posts are brought to you by alcohol, good times, and good friends. [IMG]http://i44.tinypic.com/120ihk4.jpg[/IMG]
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