A small token can bring back so many memories.

Today I was at work all day and I decided to wear a pair of gym shorts I haven’t really seen since summer. I realized there was something in the pocket, I pulled it out and found a token that we use for our swim board at camp.  



Now I can’t stop thinking about camp and one of my favorite campers ever.


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An Open Letter to Someone Who Stole my Heart (and then ripped it to pieces)

I keep having flashbacks, memories, of all of the lies you told me.  I know I said that we should give it another try, but now I am second guessing myself.  I was listening to the radio earlier today when the familiar sound of the song Keasbey Nights came on, I really enjoy that song, and listening to Streetlight Manifesto in general (especially when I’m studying).  I forced myself to turn off the radio, and a song I used to enjoy because all I could think about were the lies that you told me, the lies I don’t even know about.  Was anything in our relationship real? 


Three months of a relationship.  Down the drain. Almost two years of being friends, and “besties for the resties”. The thing that sucks the most is that this time you didn’t even give me an opportunity to be a good, loving girlfriend.  The entire time you were giving me 50%.  The lengths that you went through to protect yourself from your lie of a life.  It must be so stressful.  

Why live such a stressful life for that long? Why not fall in love, be happy, be loyal, be just, be ethical , be the you that I fell in love with summer 2012, be faithful and be true.  I have faith that you can do it, if not for me but for whoever you may end up with in the future.  

I really would love to know why in the end you chose me and not her.  I’m worth it now, but I wasn’t worth it for the past three months?

People think I’m crazy, being with you right now after all you put me through.  “How will you ever trust him again?” or “Could you really look him in the eye knowing he’s been with another girl?”, two statements that I hear frequently.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this stupid in my whole life.  But I know if I didn’t give it another shot I would have lived with that regret the rest of my life.  I don’t know how things are going to end up, or if you are going to stay loyal to me.  But at least I gave it a shot, and I’m going to put in 100% if you do the same.  



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Jennifer Lawrence and I would be great best friends.







I’m pretty sure that Katniss Everdeen is my spirit animal.  I just saw the new Hunger Games movie on Friday with Robbie and OMG it was the most amazing thing of my life.  I wanted to cry throughout the whole movie because everything was so emotional for me that day. 


I love it. 



I literally will not be able to handle when Finnick dies in the next movie.  He’s such a great character.




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Miley Cyrus is 21!




Happy Birthday you badass betch!!!




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Weekend Recap

This blog was started for the sole purpose of remembering things that happened to me in college.  I guess I wanted to be able to look back at the memories when I’m older one day and remember all of the fun times I had.  I NEED to start consistently writing about my weekends.  

Yesterday was pretty basic.  I didn’t have to work and Tara and I wanted to “drown ourselves in wine”.  We went to Kroghetto and got some wine (pink of course), and ingredients to make homemade spaghetti and meatballs.  OMG it was the best thing ever.  Mason came over and joined us, and later Dave and KT stopped by for a few drinks.



I had a super fun time and was home and in bed by 11, I cannot complain at all.  


One of my favorite tweets from last night was “oh oj #thebloodofchrist #cocaineandchampagne”  I love getting drunk and doing stupid things with Tara, it’s literally the best #SOULSISTA #GLITTERTWIN






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Our Best Hug Ever

I was really really sad when my best friend Nina told me she was going to St. Louis this weekend to visit Mary and Foreign Friend Rauel (sp?).  We were hanging out and then she was about to leave and we had the best “best friend hug” ever.  The more I write this the more I realize why my parents think we are lesbians.  The direct quote from my dad was “I can’t have a lesbian daughter-in-law named Nina (my last name *which rhymes with Nina* )”.  

I told Nina I was going to take a picture of her in case she decided to run away to St. Louis and we needed to file a missing person’s report.  Human Sex Trafficking is a REAL thing.  




Have Fun in St. Louis, you classy betch.  Love you!

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